Fundamedios USA and the Hemispheric Challenges for Freedom of Press in the Americas.
In 2017, FUNDAMEDIOS founded a non-profit chapter in the United States to carry out the global south experience, sponsoring regional networks to exchange experiences and best practices, and to advocate for press freedom for Hispanic journalists in the US and in the region. Our aim is to promote a society with greater respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens, where no attempt is made to silence others for thinking differently.

For the monitoring, research and publishing of threats, pronouncements and communications from the region, the organization works under 12 indicators that are supported in documents of the United Nations (UN) and UNESCO. In 2018, FUNDAMEDIOS USA registered 71 attacks against freedom of expression and press. We monitored and published pronouncements against cases reported in Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, the United States, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In our first Annual Report 2018 we have reviewed the current situation of the continent, based on our methodologies to monitor alerts on attacks on freedom of expression and the press. Information is collected on the cases in which we have pronounced ourselves, as well as the ones where we are involved directly.

In 2019 we remain firm in our battle to advocate for journalists to be able to practice freedom of press without any restriction.

Annual Report: