Fundamedios recognized that freedom of expression and its related rights are in constant digital evolution, it was also identified the need to update the regulation of access to information and its protection. For this
reason, they asked Trust Law to coordinate the compilation of local, regional and international best practices, as well as the risks identified in the application of laws on access to the public information.

Law firms were contacted in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, through Ferrere Abogados de Ecuador, who provide inputs for the elaboration of a Access to Public Information Law project. Ferrere Abogados developed a questionnaire about the human right of access to public information and the
processes related to it, which allowed the identification of the way in which each country protects this right,
and the solutions that could be implemented in these countries.

Law firms in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru sent their responses to the questionnaire which will be set out in this report.

Comparative analysis of access to public information in Latin American